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PlayStation 5 May Pack in the Teraflops to Run 4K Games at 240 FPS

By Bjorn / July 10, 2017

Reports from several corners suggest that the Sony PlayStation 5 release date will be somewhere in 2019. Although 2020 had also seemed to be a feasible window, in case of a delay, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks that 2019 will be a great time for the new console to launch.

We had earlier reported on the matter, based on Pachter’s statements to a noted publication, where he had also suggested that the new PlayStation 5 might be able to run 4K gaming at a whopping 240FPS. While that definitely sounds too good to be true, especially at such an early stage, the analyst has reaffirmed his belief that the battle of the Teraflops between Microsoft and Sony will lead the latter to develop even better means to drive powerful 4K.

PlayStation 5 Features

According to a new report, Pachter has this to say about the matter: “By the time 4K becomes affordable in 2019, PlayStation will have a 4K device, that will have more TFLOPs than the Xbox One X has, because they seem to be in a TFLOPs race.” This tussle has been evident since Microsoft had announced that the Xbox One X (then referred to as Project Scorpio) would pack in 6 Teraflops of power to deliver a native 4K experience. Mark Cerny, the lead architect behind the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, on the other hand, had noted that 6 Teraflops would fall short as he believed at least 8 Teraflops was necessary to run games at native 4K.

Moreover, shortly before the Xbox One X was unveiled this year, someone close to the PS5’s developments had said that Sony was building their console around a more refined discrete GPU compared to what Microsoft was planning. So regarding the 4K achievements that Sony is aiming for, our hopes are definitely soaring.

Now coming back to the note we had started off on, 4K at 240FPS has not been confirmed by anyone over at Sony, probably because if at all it figures in their plans, it is a lofty ambition. However, 2019 is still quite far off, and if Sony is bent on delivering something truly next gen, then we look forward to hearing more about the PS5 features during the coming days.

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