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PlayStation 5 News: Sony Head Confirms that the PS5 is Happening

By Bjorn / June 24, 2017

With all the ongoing talks about the Sony PS5 being in the making to give Microsoft a run for their money, Sony had refrained from saying anything officially. So while fans are already clamoring to know about the possible PlayStation 5 release date, it has been a key matter of question if at all a new generational leap figured in the plans of the gaming giant. No need to worry on that front any more, however, as it has now come to the fore that Sony will definitely come up with the next generation of PlayStation consoles.

In the most recent PlayStation 5 news, Shawn Layden, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) has asserted that the PS5 release date is definitely on the way. Speaking to Germany-based publication Golem.de (via GamingBolt), the Sony head said that they were certainly not thinking about giving the PS5 a miss. This is a decision to be noted, and a commendable one at that, as many hardware manufacturers are not indulging in generational upgrades anymore, leaving many wondering if the practice is being done away with altogether.

PlayStation 5 Release Date (1)

Layden, on the other hand, said that the upcoming PS5 console is a necessary step for the company to represent the arrival of next generation of gaming. That confirms that Sony is not thinking about releasing only mid-term hardware like the PS4 Pro as upgrades to their renowned console line, but is sticking to the release pattern that they have been following since the beginnings.

The floating PS5 rumors have occupied a chunk of the industry’s interest, as many are wondering what the creators may have in store. A brand new console upgrade is a daunting affair, especially in recent times due to the way the world of gaming is changing. For this reason, the new console is said to come with some really impressive features. Although nothing is confirmed yet, inside information suggests that the new PS5 will come with a much more sophisticated graphics system compared to the Xbox One X.

Now the only thing left to do is wait for Sony to reveal their PS5 console. It will undoubtedly be a thing to behold, and we are eager to get acquainted with the kind of beast it is going to be.

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