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PlayStation 5 Release Date: E3 2018 Announcement May Be On the Cards

By Bjorn / July 20, 2017

Although rumors about the PlayStation 5 are in full swing, Sony has not given out much information about what fans can expect from the upcoming console. However, that is no reason to dampen the spirits, and many are of the opinion that the PS5 release date may be upon us soon.

As is the norm, many sources have regularly been coming forward with news and announcements about the possible PS5 release date and price information. And in that vein, one Twitter user has recently shared their inputs on the matter.

PS5 Release Date

The user, who goes by the username Tidux, has made an announcement of sorts, although there is no telling where he got hold of the information. According to the status update, Tidux is of the opinion that the PS5 will be announced at E3 2018, while it will go on sale the following year, that is, 2019.

As we have already mentioned, the veracity of this information is dubious, and the user cites no sources in favor of the update. However, the 2019 window, at least, is a believable one. Earlier we had reported that Shawn Layden, SIE America’s CEO, had stated that the PlayStation 5 is indeed happening. However, he had also added that the PS5 release date would be at a time later than what was earlier expected.

Although Layden did not say anything about the year of release, inside sources attached to the development of the upcoming console have also pointed out that Sony will certainly not roll out the PlayStation 5 before 2019. A noted analyst with Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter, has also stated that a 2019 or later date will be more feasible for the new hardware generation from the Japanese gaming giant, as the company is aiming the console at the 4K market.

However, it is the 2018 announcement that has us wondering. Sony has proved time and again that their marketing tactics are right on top, and announcing the hardware a year ahead of an actual launch may prove detrimental by stirring confusions among potential buyers.

We hope that Sony chooses 2019 for both announcing and launching the PlayStation 5. The features speculations that are doing the rounds warrant some more time in development, and that, we think, will deter the company from announcing the PS5 anytime sooner than 2019.

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