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PlayStation 5 Will House a Discrete GPU unlike Xbox Scorpio

By Bjorn / June 12, 2017

The PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly the console on everyone’s minds right now, and mostly because Sony hasn’t uttered a word about it that could tell us what exactly we are looking forward to. The truth is, all that we really know about the prospects of the next generation of consoles from Sony is based on trhe assumptions derived from the company’s officials’ criticism of Microsoft’s already laid-bare plans for their upcoming console in the works, Xbox Scorpio. But while we will get to feast out eyes and get a taste for the latter by November this year, we don’t know anything about when Sony plans to unveil their gaming monster.

PlayStation 5 Features

However, it looks like we are in luck at the moment, thanks to a new report. This news tells us that the upcoming PlayStation 5, unlike their competition, is being built to reflect a truly powerful machine that will be able to render never-before-seen graphics. The new report surfaces from a conversation that Anthony Garreffa of TweakTown had with an unnamed insider associated with the development of the PlayStation 5. While this source seemed somewhat reluctant to divulge a lot of information about the console, what he did say seemed to suggest that the PS5 was coming with a discrete GPU, and not an inferior APU like the Xbox Scorpio.

This is interesting to note, as Sony officials had earlier critiqued Microsoft’s console in the works for not living up to the promises they had made regarding being able to render images in native 4K. In the opinions of Sony’s experts, running 4K in native would require much more than the 6 Teraflops of power that Microsoft is boasting about. And going by the latest revelations, it seems that Sony is further upping their game by making their console much more powerful than the upcoming offering from Microsoft.

Now the next question that arises now that we know that the PS5 is already in development is when will we get to see it? Well, many speculated that the console might be unveiled during the E3 2017 itself, but it might not be a good strategic move to announce anything before Microsoft fully reveals their competition. Besides, the aforementioned source has said that the PS5 has no chances of coming out by 2018, so Sony definitely will not make the mistake of announcing their project so much in advance. So coming to the release date of PS5, it looks like we have to wait until at least 2019.

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