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How Much Would Playstation 5 Cost?

By Bjorn / December 14, 2016

PS5 Price: Although the Sony PlayStation 4 is an immensely powerful machine and has been enormously successful, Sony is looking forward towards launching the updated all-new PS 5, which will be the last word in gaming technology. In this article we will try to guess the approximate PS5 Price by using our knowledge and expertise.

PS5 Price
  • The PS 4 was launched in November, 2013 and was pegged at $399. That was 7 long years after the PS 3 was launched at a whopping $599. There are reasons for the discrepancies in the prices. At the time of inception, the PS 3 boasted of the most advanced hardware and computing power money could possibly buy.
  • Besides, the PS 3 also incorporated a Blu-Ray player. In 2006, all Blu-Ray players were extremely expensive and new. In a sense, therefore, Sony tried to recoup a part of the ever-widening price tags that the PS 3 would surely have to carry.
  • However, as more players, like the Microsoft Xbox, have joined the gaming market, the prices have fallen quite a bit. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’ boss, has admitted that the PS 4 is a cash cow, but has not ruled out the possibility of a PS5.
  • Yoshida has a caveat, however: he has been quoted as saying that the future of the PS 5 is in the hands of the developers. This is understandable given the fact that the Sony PlayStation is not equipped to receive processor and graphics updates like other gaming consoles do, leading to a distinct disadvantage. Now let's dig more into the PS5 Price or the Playstation 5 Price thing!

To ensure that PS 5 customers do not have to wait as long as the previous customers did, Sony is in talks with AMD, the hardware manufacturing major. AMD CFO Devinder Kumar was present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology Conference on June 1 in San Francisco, and he stated that with AMD’s experience from working with Sony on the PS4, they would hopefully ensure a shorter product lifecycle for the upcoming console.

"Even as he said that gaming consoles like the PS 5 require enormous investments both in financial terms as well as the man hours required, Sony’s head of software product development was quoted as saying that due to the change in consumer attitude and the rise of the early-adopter consumer circle, the PS 5 would be a reality soon"

To cut a long story short, the PS 5 price can safely be expected to be between $500, a touch above Rs. 34,000 to $600, or Rs. 40,000.

  • Note that we expect the PS 5 to come in two versions, at least one of which should come with VR. Two versions of the system will ensure mass appeal. Both the versions will obviously incorporate backwards compatibility as well.

The prices will depend on factors like the price of the hardware that makes the PS 5 run as well as the rise or fall in the US dollar’s viability and price fluctuation. Only one thing is certain at this moment: in order to stay competitive and given the increasing array of gaming consoles coming with VR, Sony will have to keep both the PS5 Price and the launch in view of the long term. Cloud based and virtual gaming platforms are also on the rise. We expect the Playstation 5 to launch in 2018.

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