PS5 Release Date: When the Beast is Coming Home

By Bjorn / April 8, 2017

PS5 Release Date: Although Sony is rocking the gaming world with their redesigned PlayStation 4 and brand new PlayStation 4 Pro, gamers are eagerly waiting for the next installment of the console, PlayStation 5 to launch. The company is absolutely mum about everything of this upcoming console, be it the PS5 release date or the PlayStation 5 features and price. So in this article we have tried to decode the probable release date of PlayStation 5 and when we will be able to get our hands on this highly anticipated and much awaited gaming device.

Will there be a PS5?

So before we talk about the PS5 release date, let’s take a look on how much realistic are the chances for the console to actually see the light of the day. Well, after the release of the PlayStation Now, the importance of the physical consoles has decreased and many have tagged the physical consoles as ‘thing of the past’. But as the cloud-based gaming service is still new to most of the gamers, the PS4 has done a great business and made a huge amount of profit.

  • Recently, the President of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida has also assured the fans there will be more PlayStations in the upcoming days and his executive Shawn Layden, head of SIEA and the PlayStation Worldwide Studios said in a recent interview.
PS5 Release Date

Right now we were concentrating on how do we iterate within this PS4 life cycle. The technology and improvements behind PS4 Plus are our way of articulating where we think the market wants to go. People will want to have greater fidelity of images and graphics. Where we go from there, we’re going to have to wait and see. It’s our first time innovating within the life cycle, so I’m not exactly sure what impact that will have on our plan going forward. But there will be more PlayStations.

What Sony says.....                 

So there is nothing to worry about the existence of PS5 or Playstation 5 Release Date, and it will get announced eventually.

Previous PlayStation Release Dates

So before we move towards the main segment of this article, that is the PS5 release date, check out the release dates of the previous PlayStations and the time span between them.

  • The first installment of this gaming console, the PS1 was released in December, 1994.
  • The next version, the PS2, took six years to get released and eventually hit the market shelves in March, 2000.
  • The PS3 was unveiled in the year 2006, again after a gap of 6 years. And the latest version of this gaming console, the PS4 saw the light of the day in the year 2013.

PS5 Release Date (When to Expect)

If you notice the release date of the previous PlayStations, you will notice that Sony like to follow a pattern and they are most likely to continue this tradition this time too. So if we take this information into account, there is no chance that PlayStation 5 will be unveiled before the end of the 2019 or the starting of the 2020. We hope now you have better idea on probable PS5 Release Date. 

  • Sony started the development of the PS4, when the second life cycle of the PS3 going on. So we can assume that the Japanese tech conglomerate has started the development of PS5 since the last year or from the early part of 2016, and it will take at least three to four years to complete the procedure.
  • So as of now, late 2019 or early 2020 is looking the best possible time for the PlayStation 5 release date.

Is there any chance PS5 to come in 2018?

Although the trends are indicating that PS5 will get released in 2020, there are signs which are telling us that the gaming console could be coming to us way sooner than predicted, in 2018. As the technology is advancing in rapid pace, the developers are moving faster than we have predicted. If you take the example of the project Morpheus, the developers made us fool that time also.

Moreover, the analyst of Macquarie, Damian Thong, who is famous for correctly predicting the release date of the PS4 Pro and Slim, before they were officially announced, has predicted that the PS5 Release Date will be in the second half of 2018. Although there has no concrete evidence of this fact, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

PlayStation 5 Release Date Probabilities (Must Read)

Thong also said that 2017 wouldn’t be a peak year for Sony, but next year, the company’s profit is likely to grow over 13% to an all-time high of JPY565.6 billion, by the time the fiscal year ends in March 2019. There’s a good possibility that the PlayStation 5 could some be unveiled in 2018 and sending off people crazy about Sony’s next console. But we really do doubt if it isn’t too early estimate of a release date for a too powerful console. 2019 seems to be more reasonable launch years, taking everything into consideration. Do tell us what you think!

The future of the console looks bright because we recently discovered that the console would be coming with 10 Teraflops against Xbox Scorpio’s 6 Teraflops, making the console far more superior than its counterpart. Might we say, that like you, we can’t wait for the console to roll out and wish if only Sony will make a bit of announcement about what is happening on the PS5 front? But we have our fingers crossed.​

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