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PS5 vs Xbox 2: Clash of the Titans Fully Explained

By Bjorn / December 17, 2016

PS5 vs Xbox 2: Sony has owned the console space in gaming ever since the company launched the PlayStation home gaming system way back in 1994. Despite stiff competition from the fellow gaming folks over at Microsoft, Sony has kept numerous fans happy with their large brand that encompasses a number of gaming consoles and controllers and a whole bunch of other services. But while the original PlayStation console took the world by storm, the PlayStation 4, which was released back in 2013, remains the currently reigning gaming console even today. This year saw the launch of the PlayStation 4 Neo, a mid-level upgrade to the acclaimed PS 4 that supports 4K resolution. But it is what's next in line for Sony that excites console fans the most: the PlayStation 5.

As we all know, the next generation of gaming consoles will be ushered in by the two stalwarts of the industry. And once again, it will be the battle of the greats. Here we will be focussing on PS5 vs Xbox 2 features comparison. 

PS5 vs Xbox 2

With Sony's rumoured PlayStation 5 coming up, we are also looking forward to meeting Microsoft's Project Scorpio, which is largely believed to be the upcoming Xbox Two. There is little doubt about the fact that both these consoles will set the new benchmark in gaming, but there is nothing substantial to tell us anything about all the amazing things that each will come with. But fortunately, we do have some leads; so let's get into a feature by feature comparison between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two.

Xbox 2 & PS5

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox 2 (Battle of the Bests)

First off, console gaming is said to go beyond what it is today, and the first thing that both creators will adopt is getting rid of new consoles in their existing line ups. With that said, what we will see from both the Xbox 2 and the PlayStation 5 is one all-in-one gaming system that will keep receiving new upgrades, rather than new and distinct variants being launched.

Broadly speaking, there is no telling what high-tech wonders the PlayStation 5 could come in.

  • The upcoming console is generally assumed to be slated for a 2018 or even a 2020 release date.
  • So it is quite clear that Sony is in no hurry to push through with their next gen console to compete with Microsoft's Xbox Two.
  • That spells nothing but the very best of news for fans of the PlayStation. It is quite clear that both consoles will be big on specs and will feature some really futuristic additions.
  • On the internal side of things, the Xbox Two is expected to come with a massive RAM along with an internal memory capacity that may far exceed the higher-end version of the Xbox One S. The mammoth RAM of the console will certainly be necessary if it is to support all that we have been told about it.
  • The Xbox Two is expected to come with 4K support, backed by an octa-core CPU clocked up to 6 teraflops. To accommodate all this, the Xbox Two could pack in an incredible hike in RAM, as we all know that the upcoming console will be nearly five times as powerful as the Xbox One. The PlayStation 5, on the other hand, could take things up a notch.
  • Considering that Sony already has some valuable information about what their competitors are planning, they will pose some serious threat to the Xbox Two. The PS 4.5 has already come halfway through to achieving that, and the PS 5 will all but surpass these by leagues.
In terms of graphics,

the PS 5 will continue down the 4K route. But the new console's supported visual content will far exceed that of the PS 4.5. For the PS 5, the new console will not only support 4K UHD content, but may also feature some truly amazing leaps in terms of its visuals. Perhaps it will support the kind of graphical fluidity that we can only expect top see in real life. As for the Xbox Two, we don't know much but can affirm that it will be a worthy competitor.

One huge possibility for the Xbox Two is to finally turn cloud-based gaming into a whole new consistent thing for the industry. Microsoft has been working on this aspect for some time now, and the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform has already been used by the company for some really jaw-dropping effects in certain games. But the technology is not limited to that. With cloud-based services, more and more players will have the convenience of games being streamed directly to them. With cloud-based platforms, the sky is the limit, and the PlayStation 5 will also take advantage of that.

Coming to current trends in gaming, Virtual Reality is undoubtedly a technology that is steadily making its way to all. Sony has already gone a step ahead with the PlayStation VR, which we can only imagine will be upgraded to the maximum capacity by 2020. Considering Sony's endeavour in this area, the PS 5 is more than likely to come with some integrated VR properties.

On the other hand, Microsoft too is taking baby steps in the arena. Though a somewhat late entrant to the VR game, the company's goal of making VR a thing for everyone is a commendable one. With that said, Microsoft has already reported to be in talks with Oculus for the Xbox Scorpio's VR compatibility, so the competition in this area will be a tough one to decide.

To wrap it all up.......

the battle of the greats will come right down to the wire. We all know that Microsoft aims to introduce a world where there will only be software updates for consoles instead of new models. This, if made into a reality, will lend the kind of convenience to console gaming like we have never seen before. This alongside an Azure-powered software and VR compatibility makes the Xbox Two a console that we have only dreamed of up until now. However, the PS 5 will certainly not ease up on the fight. While not much is known about what Sony plans to do with their next gen console, it is all but obvious that the PlayStation 5 will integrate some truly enviable graphical and software related upgrades. And if the PS 4 Neo is anything to go by, what will come next from Sony will be a dazzler.

In conclusion, we can only ponder over which one will be better at the time. But ultimately, only time will tell us about who will emerge as the winner in the battle of PS5 vs Xbox 2.

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