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Sony PS5 Could Run Games at Native 8K, Game Developer Suggests

By Bjorn / August 5, 2017

It is no secret that Sony is leaving no stones unturned for the next generation console in their PlayStation family.While everyone is busy pouring over the glorious possibilities of the 4K qualities of the Sony PS 5, it appears that some game developers are more ambitious and aiming for 8K. At least that is what the developers over at Polyphony Digital have to say.

The creators of the famed Gran Turismo franchise, which has been in existence since 1997, has a new entry coming up this October. The game, titled Gran Turismo Sport, was earlier slated to come out in 2016, but was eventually pushed back to this year because, apparently, the details were taking too much time.

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In fact, creating the cars was taking so much time that game creator Kazunori Yamauchi thinks that they would work best on the PlayStation 5. “It takes six months to create a single car. It’s over-specced for PS4 Pro. So we are building for future versions of the console rather than the one we see today.” Gran Turismo Sport is currently being built for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. However, when asked if the studio is truly intending the game for the next gen consoles from Sony, Yamauchi said: “I think it would be no problem to run it at 8K even.”

We are as baffled as anyone by this comment. The PS5 is in the works, that much is certain (thanks to SIEA boss Shawn Layden). However, it is surprising that a developer is actually creating a game for a console that only exists in theory for the most part. Two possibilities come to mind here: are developers at Polyphony just being ambitious (a necessary thing) for the next generation of GT games? Or do they actually know something about the upcoming PS5 features? They are, after all, a noted subsidiary of SIE.

Whatever be the case, Yamauchi’s comments have us excited. Here we were a few weeks back, contemplating whether the PS5 would be able to run native 4K at 240FPS like Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter had suggested, but now there is already talk of 8K support from Sony’s home country.

Until the PS5 release date is announced, or at least until Sony gives it a reveal of some sort, we will dabble in the realms of speculation. But in every way, it appears that Sony is out to prove to their rivals that generational upgrades are far from being a passé.

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